Optimized military data management through Parasanti's solutions

Parasanti’s mission is to make the edge WORK without dependence on the cloud. We achieve this by enhancing the interoperability, adaptability, and latency of edge devices through advanced workload orchestration, optimization, and data translation. Parasanti seeks to connect any sensor, to any shooter, on any network.

Empowering the Military’s Edge with Advanced Technology

At Parasanti, we are pioneering a new era in defense technology, transforming military operations with our advanced edge computing solution, Our task is simple yet ambitious: to make edge devices more effective without dependency on the cloud. By enhancing interoperability, adaptability, and reducing latency, we are redefining the landscape of defense technology.

Smart data orchestration in military technology by UNITE

Revolutionizing Edge Computing in Military Operations

Parasanti is empowering edge effectiveness through innovative workload optimization, data orchestration, and translation and dedicated to transforming the capabilities of edge devices in the military sector. We focus on enhancing interoperability, adaptability, and reducing latency through more efficient workload orchestration, optimization, and data translation. Our innovative approach redefines edge computing, ensuring that our military forces are equipped with the most efficient and effective technology.

Cutting-edge military data management solutions

Seamless Integration at the Edge

In a world where defense technology is crucial yet often constrained by isolated, proprietary systems, Parasanti stands as a beacon of innovation and integration. Recognizing the pitfalls of fragmented solutions, we at Parasanti have dedicated ourselves to creating a seamless synergy of technologies.

Revolutionizing resource management in defense with UNITE

Powering Workloads Where it Counts

Parasanti uses the term “workload” to describe customer-provided software capabilities or functionalities that need to operate at the edge. Our flagship software solution, not only manages these workloads but also provides the runtime environments essential for executing the customer’s software. This approach guarantees effective computing at the edge, minimizing SWaP (Space, Weight, and Power), latency, and dependency on reach-back connectivity.

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