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Recapping UNITE's Inspiring Evening at SXSW® Capital Factory House 2024

March 8 was an unforgettable evening at the Capital Factory where UNITE left an indelible mark at SXSW® 2024. From 6:00 to 9:00 PM guests were immersed in an extraordinary journey through the most advanced military technologies spanning from LAND to CYBER. Our showcase became a vibrant hub for discovery and interaction. Attendees mingled with the UNITE team gaining unique insights and engaging in thought-provoking conversations. The interactive demonstrations were not just displays but doorways into the future of defense technology offering a hands-on experience of what tomorrow holds.It wasn’t just an event it was a glimpse into the future.
The enthusiasm and curiosity of our guests turned the evening into a journey of exploration and discovery. UNITE at SXSW® 2024 Startup Crawl proved to be more than just a participant – we are a game-changer reshaping the vision of tomorrow’s defense.
Thank you for joining us at SXSW® 2024 where you didn’t just hear about the future – you experienced it with UNITE!

Watch Lieutenant General Eric Wesley's Inspiring Talk at West Point

In this compelling talk delivered at West Point, Lieutenant General Eric Wesley imparts profound insights on the essence of leadership, the criticality of trust, and the power of mission command within military operations. Drawing from personal experiences and historical examples, he explores the deep-seated question many military leaders grapple with: "Do I have what it takes?" General Wesley skillfully weaves together narratives that emphasize not just the inherent capabilities of individuals, but the unparalleled strength of cohesive, trust-based leadership. His engaging and thought-provoking address resonates with the values and ethos that Parasanti upholds, highlighting the dynamics of effective leadership in challenging environments.